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The are several ways to come to Bilbao.

By air

Bilbao Airport, LEBB

Bilbao Airport

Bilbao International Airport is located in Loiu, some 10 km away from Vizcaya's capital city. Its services are in line with any world class airport: it offers more than 400 flights a week, direct connections with the main Spanish cities and European capitals; and it serves around 3 million passengers a year. Today, 12 companies offer their flight services at Bilbao Airport, which ensures you can get to the main European cities in 1 to 3 hour flights, or make connections to other continental or transcontinental airports.

By car

A8 Artunduagatik

A8 Motorway

The A-8 links Bilbao with Donosita-San Sebatián and the Irún border (one and a half hour). It links also with the French Southwest network to Bordeaux and Paris, and the South network to Toulouse and Montpellier.

The A-68 reaches Bilbao and then goes along the Ebro Valley. It takes you to Barcelona (around six hours) and links with the A-7, which goes along the Mediterranean coast. It takes you to the big networks of central Europe through the Cervere border. Cities such as Lyon, Genoa, Milan and Geneva are just one day away by road.

Bilbao is connected directly with Burgos through the A-68 (one and a half hour), and Valladolid (two and a half hours) through the Autovía de Castilla , with Madrid (around four hours) through the Autovía del Norte . You can reach Santander taking the Autovía del Cantábrico (around one hour).

By train

estacion del norte

Railway Station

Bilbao has three railway stations , run by RENFE, FEVE and EUSKO TREN.

RENFE's Abando Station links with all the long distance lines.

FEVE's Santander Station links with Santander city and from it with all the Cantabrian coast.

EUSKO TREN's Atxuri Station connects Bilbao with Donostia-San Sebastían and the coast of Biscay, Guernica and Bermeo.

By bus


Termibus Bus Station

Termibús Station (Garellano) can be accessed from San Mamés Bilbao Underground station, Bilbao Tramway (EuskoTran) and Renfe Short Distance lines. Buses drive you to the main Spanish cities and other villages near Bilbao.

By sea


Bilbao port

You can access Bilbao from the British port of Portsmouth. The Pride of Bilbao ferry links these two ports twice a week.

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