The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

◦Evolutionary Computing

◦Neuro Computing

◦Probabilistic Computing

◦Immunological Computing

◦Hybrid Methods

◦Causal Models

◦Case-based Reasoning

◦Chaos Theory Fuzzy Computing

◦Intelligent Agents and Agent Theory

◦Interactive Computational Models

◦Rough Sets and Granular Computing

The application fields of interest cover, but are not limited to:

◦Decision Support

◦Process and System Control

◦System Identification and Modelling


◦Signal or Image Processing

◦Vision or Pattern Recognition

◦Condition Monitoring

◦Fault Diagnosis

◦Systems Integration

◦Internet Tools

◦Human Machine Interface

◦Time Series Prediction


◦Motion Control & Power Electronics

◦Biomedical Engineering

◦Virtual Reality

◦Reactive Distributed AI


◦Consumer Electronics

◦Industrial Electronics

◦Manufacturing Systems

◦Power and Energy

◦Data Mining

◦Data Visualisation

◦Intelligent Information Retrieval

◦Bio-inspired Systems

◦Autonomous Reasoning

◦Intelligent Agents

◦ Databases

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